Going Fishing Or Going to the Health Store

Fish contain the all elusive Omega-3 oil that people are hankering for. It’s scientific properties for good health are indisputable. While fishing for fresh salmon is still your best bet for these essential oils, the next best thing is salmon oil that can be found in the local health food store.

My husband and son recently returned from a nine day fishing expedition in Alaska. They brought home a record 300 pounds of salmon and a little halibut. We were thrilled and now our freezer has a permanent fish smell to it, but that’s OK, the fish is well worth the smell. We have eaten salmon every way imaginable, barbequed, sauteed, with dill sauce, ranch, blackened, with mango chutney, with herbs, pan fried, baked and made into fish and chips. While salmon is good as fish and chips, the halibut is much better. We have commented that we must have the healthiest Omega-3’s in the city. We have eaten salmon three or four times a week for a month.

Unfortunately, we can’t all go to Alaska and fill up our freezer with fish so we need to buy our Omega-3’s from the nutrition stores. The results are the same, just not as fun or as delicious. Ask your husband if he would rather go to Alaska or the health store, the answer is obvious. But our body’s health is the most important and those improvement in brain and heart are enjoyed with the supplements as well as the fish, and the prenatal benefits are the best of all.

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