Working for a Web Page After School

I have just started working for a web site, although I did not really know what it was when I started out. They are one of the places that you would go to if you wanted to buy dirty videos or if you wanted buy sex toys in the UK. Of course my job is not very exciting. I deal with customer service, since a lot of people are not going to be completely satisfied with what they do. In fact it is a really good job for me since I have plenty of time to study while I am working. No one seems to mind and I have a lot of spare time which is perfect if you have homework or if you need to study. Of course I need to have a job right now and I am trying to find one like this, where there is time for me to do the stuff that I need to do with my school work.

In fact I sometimes do almost nothing and so I have to figure out how to pass time after I have done all that I need to do. So I have been practicing at different things that I am going to need to do when I get out of school and get a job. Of course I have been thinking that perhaps this is the sort of place that would need me, but they seem to have all of the people they need for the good jobs that they have. Still I have been trying to pick up how things go around here and hoping that I can get some sort of title that would make it look like I had experience in the field where I am going to be applying for jobs after college.

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